What Does Altaf Hussain Wants?

Aug 23 2010 Published by A Patriot under Uncategorized

When Million of people are struggling to survive and when Pakistan is going  through one of the world’s biggest crisis, Altaf Hussain Has nothing else to do but to invite Army into power and violate our constitution.  Is He not a politician and is MQM not part of Government ?  Is He trying to confess that they don’t know how to handle a crisis. Is He saying He is not fit to be a leader and now Army must Take over?

My Advice to Altaf  Bhai is to leave Government and call for a mid-term election and to avoid voilating our Constitution and Democracy.

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  • Balal Naeem says:

    What this democracy is giving to this country?? If Army intervenes and hold for free and fair elections whats wrong in that?? We dont have a free election commission in this country. This so called democracy has eaten this country up. If intervention of Army stabilizes this country, there is nothing wrong in that.

  • A Patriot says:

    Army will hold fair and free election for what.. to bring back democracy. If so what is the point in calling Army now. I believe Army has a separate job which is to safe guard the borders of the Country and not to Govern. Our Country has suffered because of this and we lost half of Pakistan during Army rule. India was behind us but is now becoming a super power. The only difference historically between India and Pakistan is that Army never came in power there.

    If you say our Govt., is corrupt I will agree to that but if we do not destroy this system then with every election better people will come out through elections. It is the responsibility of people to vote in honest men. Was not the last election conducted by Army? and see what we have got. The most important thing is that we should elect honest and patriot people and it will occur only if regular cycles of elections is not interrupted by Army conquering its own Country every now and then.

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