Political stalemate. What to do now?

Sep 25 2010 Published by A Patriot under Uncategorized

After deliberation the solution suggested is:

1- Democracy should continue without Army comming in power.

2- This Government is corrupt and incompetent and cannot complete its full term otherwise there is severe danger to existence of Pakistan.

3- A change should be brought within the parliament by realigning the parties. PML(N) should take the Lead and negotiate with MQM, PML(Q) and ANP. For the sake of the Country forget about past and concentrate on future.

4- All the above parties should align on one point agenda to safe Pakistan by Good Governance and Zero tolerance to corruption.

5- If  the politicians fail us now then part of Kakar Formula be used and either PM should resign or mid-term elections are called and conducted under a free and fair Election Commission.

6- The above point will require indirect Army interference which unfortunately will occur if politician don’t realign  as per suggestion in 3.

7- I find no other way to what I have suggested above to resolve this Political stalemate Democratically.

A Patriot

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